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Nissan Patrol (from 1988 to 1997, the year of issue)

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Nissan Patrol
Adjustment and routine maintenance
System of cooling, heating and air conditioning
Radiator Service
Removal, check and thermostat installation operation
Removal and installation of the water pump
Replacement of spherical caps (Releaser jams)
Service the drive belt (s) water pump
Drive Control Panel and heater and air conditioner
Removing and installing electric fan heater
The air conditioning system
The power supply system and exhaust
Systems for reducing emissions
Systems of an electric motor
The front and rear axles, chassis and steering
Onboard electric

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System of cooling, heating and air conditioning

general information

Engine cooling system works on the principle thermosiphon water pump and fan. Systems is sealed and pressurized working, which raises the boiling point of the coolant, thereby improving the cooling efficiency. The radiator cap is equipped with a check valve, avoid excessive deflection of the internal pressure in the system from the outside (in both directions).

Coolant thermal expansion is expelled from the radiator through the valve into the surge tank and the cooling of the engine after it stops again returns to the radiator. Coolant temperature control thermostat carries voskozapolnennogo type. The thermostat is located in a housing fixed to the engine block (3.0 L models) or in the inlet conduit (4.2 L models). In order to prevent corrosion of the cooling system should be sure to refuel with a mixture of water and anti-freeze containing corrosion additives.

A water pump is a V-shaped belt (shared with the generator) of the crankshaft pulley.
Thermostatic fan clutch filled silicone fluid whose viscosity varies considerably with the temperature, which can automatically adjust the fan speed depending on the engine speed and the airflow through the radiator. This reduces the loss of engine power and intensity of the background noise while moving at high speeds

The bimetallic spring in front of the clutch control valve that controls the degree of slip of the fan.

On vehicles with AT tanks built into the radiator cooling the transmission oil.

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Radiator Service

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