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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
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Cars of mark Nissan Primera - Abstract
The vehicle identification number
Acquisition of spare parts
Technology services, tools and the workplace equipment
Jacking and towing
Starting the engine from the auxiliary power supply
Checks of readiness of the car to operation
Automotive chemicals, oils and greases
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The power supply system and exhaust
Electrical system motor
Manual transmission, differential and the main transfer
Automatic Transmission
Coupling and power shafts
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric

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Cars of mark Nissan Primera - Abstract

This guide covers Nissan Primera cars with engine capacity of 1.6 liters and 2.0 since 1990. vol. Primera is a follower of Bluebirds and created by Nissan's England. All engines have 16-valve distribution mechanism. Differences within individual engines mainly deal with the preparation of the working mixture. Considered in this manual body type vehicles have four-door sedan or five-door hatchback (hatchback). The entire series has a serial number "P10." Touring Cars have a different design. 1.6 l belongs to the group ?GA16? and is equipped with a two-chamber carburettor with a falling stream. The differences are mainly manifested in the engines of 2.0 liters. Both engines are a group of ?SR20?, however, following the designation of the group of letters carry information about the installed system power. The engine with less power is equipped with a central injection system and is designated as ?SR20Di?. A more powerful engine has a multi-position injection system and is designated as ?SR20DE?.

This manual covers the following models of cars .:

With the engine 1.6 liters

The 1.6-liter models, 1597 cm3, 90 hp / 66 kW, sedan, engine GA16DS, with a carburetor. Depending on the country of destination the vehicle model designation is made with ?L?, ?LX? or ?SLX?. All vehicles with the engine equipped as standard with a 5-speed gearbox. Named the power applies to cars with a catalyst. If the catalyst is not set, the motor has a power of 95 HP (70 kW) at a speed of 6000 rev / min.

5-door hatchback models with this engine are available only in certain countries. They have the same designation.

With the 2.0-liter engine

2.0 liter, 1998 cm 3, 115 hp / 85 kW at a speed of 6000 rev / min, the sedan, the engine ?SR20D?. Depending on the country of destination the vehicle has the designation ?LX?, ?SLX? or ?SGX?. In certain countries, sold hatchback models with the same designation. By car or 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic. All models are equipped with a catalyst.

2.0 liter, 1998 cm 3 150 hp / 110 kW, sedan or hatchback, engine ?SR20DE?. For this engine is only possible execution ?GT? 5-speed gearbox. On these vehicles commercially installed catalyst lambda control.

All engines have four cylinders arranged on top with two camshafts and 16 valves, which are actuated by one or two driving chains (depending on the engine) of the crankshaft.

Each cylinder has 4 valves at an angle of 26 ?, which have or do not have hydraulic jacks of backlashes. The cylinder block 2-liter engine is made of light alloys.

Both engines used pistons of different sizes and having different turn, this means that the volume of a single cylinder bore block is not achieved. The motor is mounted in front of the vehicle transversely to the direction of movement.

The chassis consists of a load-bearing structure of the body and independent suspension front and rear wheels. Suspension front-wheel drive sedan and the coupe is a multi-link suspension with a lower control arm, upper trailing arm with hinge and coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers. Fitted as standard anti-roll bar. Suspension rear-wheel drive sedan and coupe consists of a spring strut with dual lower arms and trailing arm. On all models as standard installed anti-roll bar. The wagon models (which are not addressed in this publication) for the front wheel suspension using suspension struts with triangular wishbones and the rear suspension trailing arm with coil springs and transverse bar.

As mentioned, the set 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic.

Models with the engine of 1.6 l have a front disc and rear drum brakes, models with 2.0 liter engine equipped with disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. The brake system is divided into two circuits, front and back, and is equipped with a braking force regulator. In certain 2-liter models can be installed ABS. Hand brake acts on the rear wheels.

The car has a steering rack, which is equipped with a standard booster.

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