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Volkswagen Sharan (from 1995 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volkswagen Sharan
eleven New VW Sharan
Vehicle identification
General recommendations for car repair
Working conditions and the used tool
Proper lifting vehicle
Repair and maintenance
Lubricants, sealants, Loctite
Handling screw connections, bolts, nuts
VR6 engine
The two-liter engine (ADY)
Engine oil
A fuel injection system VR6 engine
The system Simos injection 2.0-liter engine
The ignition system
Manual 5-speed gearbox
The drive shafts
Power steering
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Diesel engine
The lubrication system of the diesel engine
The cooling system of the diesel engine
The power supply system of the diesel engine and turbocharger
Map service.

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Handling screw connections, bolts, nuts

The new motor vehicle and, accordingly, there will be no problems with the loosening of screws, nuts, bolts, etc. If the car is not new, then there are difficulties with the weakening of threaded connections, especially when turning away connections subjected to prolonged exposure to street dirt. To solve these problems, the following recommendations.
When loosening the nuts on the bolts protruding out from the thread always clean the protruding portion of the thread with a wire brush to remove any dirt or rust. This will loosen the nut with less effort. Then treat the connection easily penetrates rust and corrosive liquid such as ?«WD-40."
If you need to unscrew the nut screwed in the welded bolt (often such compounds are used on the body), possibly treat joint corrosive rust agent. Such compounds are very easy to rip the bolt head or nut welded to damage the thread.
Sometimes it is extremely difficult to unscrew the screws from the usual or Phillips. Phillips-head screwdriver is very easy to slip out of the screw slot and damage it in the process. To avoid this, you can fasten the screwdriver to the screw head and repeatedly hit with a hammer on a short handle of a screwdriver. In most cases, the screw then is unscrewed easily.
In today's automotive industry is increasingly using screws with special heads, like head Phillips screws, but they are not. These screw heads are called ?«Torx?», and the screws turn away special nozzles, which can be bought in the kit.
Screws with internal hex head screws or with a polygonal head (most having 12 angles) can also cause difficulty in loosening. First of all, you need to clear the hole hex (such as a small screwdriver) to be able to insert the Allen key or a key multi-faceted. If necessary, you can use the push-head. Before ovorachivaniem propeller hit a hammer on the head of the push-to weaken the connection. Sometimes it is required to loosen the curved hexagon, but if it is difficult to loosen them, and then invited to put on the long end of the hex key union head a small wrench or a pipe, to increase leverage. Using the spanner wrench as a lever, you can easily unscrew the bolt.

Adjustable Wrench
Fig. 13. Adjustable Wrench

Small easily accessible screw with internal hex head can unscrew and using a wrench (Fig. 13), tightly gripping his outside, especially if the inner head ripped off the edge. When compressing the wrench try not to get your fingers in the indicated on Fig. 13 arrow space.

A tool for cracking nuts
Fig. 14. A tool for cracking nuts

There may be difficulty in loosening nuts and bolts, the edge of which were thwarted by the use of the key is the wrong size. You can try to turn away a nut or a bolt via the already mentioned wrench. Depending on the position of the nut can be sawn or cut down a chisel along the thread. In addition, you can use the tool for cracking nuts, if there is enough space near the nut for its use. How to use the tool shown in Fig. 14. Screw the tool is tightened until the nut is not split. The advantage with this method is that the screw thread is not damaged.
Sometimes it happens that breaks the bolt head. In order to remove the remainder of the hole at the center part of the thread "bolt" drilled hole and apply so-called "left-handed corkscrew". It is like a bolt screwed into the drilled hole. By tightening the bolt slams into the device and can thus remove it. If unable to remove, it remains the only way - to drill the rest of the bolt approximately equal to (drill diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the bolt) diameter drill bit.
Spacers be turned out with the help of two mutually zakontrennyh nuts. When twisting the key should be placed on the inner nut, screwing the key must be installed on the outer nut.
If you cut into the aluminum parts thread when tightening bolts is damaged, you must use the threaded attachment titled ?«Heli-Coil?». They can be screwed into the old hole with damaged threads.

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