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Volkswagen Transporter, Caravelle (1990 release)

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Volkswagen Transporter / Caravelle
Transporter / Caravelle
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Removal, installation and check the clutch
Release of air from the clutch
Replacing the clutch cable
Troubleshooting clutch
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The clutch is designed for short-term separation of the engine from the transmission at the time of gear change, and provides a smooth pulling away.

Clutch consists of a press drive plate, clutch disc and release bearing.

The pressure plate is screwed firmly to the flywheel, which in turn is attached to the crankshaft of the engine. Between the pressure plate and the flywheel is driven by a drive that the pressure plate is pressed against the flywheel. Slave drive slots sits on the drive shaft of a transmission.

When you press the clutch pedal (clutch disengaged) release bearing, under the impact of a hydraulic or mechanical drive and the release lever is pressed against the pressure plate springs. The pressure plate is reduced and the clutch disc is no longer pressed against the flywheel. Power transmission between the engine and transmission is interrupted.

Depending on the configuration of the machine, the drive clutch is carried out rope or hydraulic system: in the release lever abuts the piston of the working cylinder of the hydraulic system. When you press the clutch pedal to the master cylinder, which is located in the car at the feet of the driver, pressure is created, which in hydrodrive transmitted to the gearbox attached to the slave cylinder. The piston of the working cylinder through the plug presses the release bearing off to the diaphragm spring pressure plate and drive off.

Hydraulic clutch operates the brake fluid and it is supplied to the general expansion tank of brake system.

If the clutch pedal is returned to its original position (the clutch is engaged), the pressure plate presses the driven plate to the flywheel, the transmission power is restored, as the clutch disc pressed against end connection is rigidly connected to the shaft of the gearbox.

Each time you turn on and off the clutch, the friction, friction linings are worn on the slave drive. The slave drive is a wearing part, however, the average life of its approximately 100 000 km. Depreciation depends mainly on the load (driving trailer) and driving conditions. The clutch does not require any maintenance, as adjusted automatically.

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Removal, installation and check the clutch

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