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Volkswagen Transporter, Caravelle (1990 release)

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Volkswagen Transporter / Caravelle
Transporter / Caravelle
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Removal, installation and check the clutch
Release of air from the clutch
Replacing the clutch cable
Troubleshooting clutch
A steering
Wheels and tires

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1. Flywheel - friction surface friction linings should not be fat, not greasy, no scratches. Pay attention to the reliability of the mounting guide pins
2. Bolt - tightening torque of 6 Nm 1/4 turn (90 ?�) dozatyazhki. Bolts are always replaced by new ones, lubricating new screws with safety means. Dozatyazhka can be done in several stages
3. The clutch plate - pay attention to the mounting position, spring separator indicates the pressure plate
4. Pressure Plate
5. Bolt, 20 Nm - tighten alternately cross-wise

A warning

Slots otnikelirovany hub and does not require lubrication.

The mechanism of the clutch
1. Transmission
2. Ball stud, 25 Nm - lubricated with grease MoS2
3. Round ring - always replace
4. The sealing ring of the drive shaft - insert all the way
5. The guide sleeve - in the area of the bearing with grease MoS2 inclusion
6. Stop plate - secured on the lever clutch
7. Bolt, 15 Nm
8. Lever clutch
9. Releaser bearing - do not rinse, just wipe. Noisy bearings replaced. Places to fit the arm off with grease MoS2
10. Bolt 25 Nm
11. The working cylinder of coupling
12. The mechanical clutch
13. Pusher - the end of the pusher lubricated with grease MoS2
14. Mounting pin - locking lever clutch gearbox assembly. If the pin is not at hand, use a screw M8h22. After assembly of the gearbox, take

Hydraulic clutch
1. The connecting plate with the bearing bracket
2. Clutch pedal
3. The main cylinder
4. Accession of the master cylinder on the bearing bracket
5. A bolt 20 Nm
6. The bearing pin
7. Stopper
8. The hollow coupling nut, 20 Nm.
9. Slave Cylinder
10. Bolt, 25 Nm
11. The valve of release of air - release the air from the hydraulic device, only the device to release the air from the brake system. Operating pressure max. - 2.5 bar
12. Dust Cap
13. Pressure Hose
14. Hose Bracket
15. Washer - with a large internal diameter. Convex towards the pressure pipe
16. Bushing
17. The washer - with a small inner diameter, convex in the direction of the pipeline pressure
18. Pipeline pressure
19. Bracket - keeps pressure hose on the front wall
20. Bolt
21. Nozzle
22. Hose
23. The nozzle of the hose
24. The brake fluid reservoir

A warning

The clutch pedal after removing the cylinder is not to squeeze.

Mechanical clutch

1. The connecting plate with the bearing bracket
2. Clutch pedal
3. The clutch cable with the adjusting mechanism
4. Gasket
5. Supporting bracket
6. Bolt locking brackets on the radiator
7. Rubber shock absorber
8. Stand support (gearbox)
9. Seal
10. Bolt 25 Nm
11. The case of the drive lever
12. Safety goals - set about 8 mm from the end of the pusher
13. Washer - replace the usual must move freely
14. The ring gear - replace always. Knock the puck through the appropriate spine. Pre disconnect a pusher. When installing, carefully score. At the same time the convex side must point to the body. Pay attention to the fact that the washer 13 remains free
15. Washer
16. Spring
17. Pusher - installed after the installation of the toothed ring 14 and the washer 13

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