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Volkswagen Transporter, Caravelle (1990 release)

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Volkswagen Transporter / Caravelle
Transporter / Caravelle
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Removal, installation and check the clutch
Release of air from the clutch
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Removal, installation and check the clutch


1. Remove the gearbox (see. Section 4.2).
2. Loosen the screws fixing the pressure plate in sequence each time 1-1 1/2 turns until the pressure plate is loose.

A warning

If the screws are unscrewed at once, they may be damaged membrane clamps.

3. To the flywheel while loosening the screws do not rotate, jam the flywheel device VW3067, screwdriver or spine.
4. Next, remove the screws completely.
5. Remove the pressure plate and clutch disc.

A warning

Do not let go, and not to drop both discs when removing, otherwise during installation can cause difficulties related to the jamming discs.

6. Remove the clutch release bearing guide sleeve.

A warning

Bearing only to wipe, do not rinse.

7. Wipe the flywheel a rag soaked in gasoline.


1. Check the pressure plate in the scorching and furrows.
2. Check the diaphragm spring on the fissuring (arrows). Depreciation is equal to half the thickness of the membrane is allowed.
3. Check connection spring between the cover and the pressure plate to the crack and reliable rivet connections (arrows). Coupling with a damaged or loose riveted joints replaced.
4. Check the surfaces of the pressure plate for cracks, signs of burning or wear. Pressure wheels, bend inward to 0.2 mm, can be mounted again. Check petal produced a ruler and a feeler gauge.
5. Check the handwheel and place burning furrow.
6. Oiled, soiled or mechanically damaged clutch disc replaced.
7. Check the clutch disc at a sufficient thickness of friction linings and the absence of furrows.
8. The factory clutch disc can be checked for the fight. Side fight the slave drive must not exceed 0.8 mm (measured at a distance of 2.5 mm from the outer edge).
A warning

This check is required when installed the old slave drive in which the clutch is not well turned off. If necessary, the slave drive can be carefully aligned.

9. Releaser check by hand. To do this, gently squeeze and twist the bearing. The bearing must rotate easily, otherwise it must be replaced.

10. In the mounted state bearing failure manifests noises when clutch pedal is depressed. In this case, replace the bearing.

A warning

If new parts are installed, check the catalog of spare parts matching the pressure plate and clutch disc Engine code and engine number, which they will be installed.

1. Before installing a new pressure plate is required to be removed from the sliding surface release bearing all conservation grease evenly. Elsewhere lubricant in any case not be removed, as it will significantly reduce the life of the clutch.
2. Check up reliability of fastening directing pins of a flywheel.
3. Install the clutch disc and pressure plate on the flywheel. Pressure plate mounted on the respective guide pins. The slave drive must be centered suitable spine (for example, HAZET) or old boxes forehand drive shaft.
A warning

Slots otnikelirovany hub, so they are not lubricated.

4. Clean the drive shaft from corrosion, and the old slave drive splines of the hub and grease with a thin layer of greasing MoS2 only the drive shaft splines. In workshops VW used for this purpose 000 G 100. Then move the clutch disc on the drive shaft back and forth until it is free to go. Be sure to remove excess grease.
5. When installing the drive plate to pay attention to the fact that the spring cage looking toward the pressure plate.
6. Screw the mounting screws pressure plate and consistently every time 1-1.5 turnover tighten the drive completely. Torque: 20 Nm. Pressure plate skew is impossible, as this may cause damage to the guide pins and centering holes.
A warning

Pressure Plate must fully adhere to the flywheel. Only then install the mounting screws. In no case do not tighten, the pressure plate screws, otherwise the centering hole pressure plate and flywheel centering pins are damaged.

7. Then remove the centering spike.
8. Place the gearbox (see. Section 4.2).

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