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Volkswagen Transporter, Caravelle (1990 release)

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Volkswagen Transporter / Caravelle
Transporter / Caravelle
Total information
Removal, installation and check the clutch
Release of air from the clutch
Replacing the clutch cable
Troubleshooting clutch
A steering
Wheels and tires

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Troubleshooting clutch

Clutch pulls
Too low idle Adjust the pace
Out of order engine bearings and gearboxes Check and replace if necessary
Weakened suspension Transmission Tighten the mounting screws
Pressure plate transmits the motion jerky Replace the pressure plate
The slave drive does not match the original VW engine for this model Install the clutch disc according to the original VW
The discrepancy between the axes of rotation of the crankshaft and transmission shaft Check the alignment of engine and gearbox
Releaser runs off one side Check release bearing
Improper positioning of the guide rope clutch Locate the correct cable guide
Clutch slips
Worn clutch disc Check the thickness of the clutch disc, replace if necessary
Zakushen working cylinder * Replace the working cylinder
Too weak diaphragm spring Replace the pressure plate
Leaky slave cylinder * A visual inspection
Friction lining or hardened zamaslilis Replace the clutch disc
Clutch overheated Set according to the original VW parts
Clutch bad off
The wear and tear of friction linings by abrasion Replace the clutch disc
Slave drive wedges on the drive shaft. Splined or dry scored attrition Clean the slots, remove burrs, if necessary, remove rust, apply fresh lubricant such as MoS2 powder
Side fight slave drive Check the clutch disc to the service station and replace
Leaking master cylinder * Watch in the clutch pedal is depressed, rages whether the brake fluid reservoir, if necessary, let the air out of the system or replace the master cylinder
The clutch pedal is not squeezed all the way Check whether the clutch pedal is squeezed out against the stop, if necessary, cut the mat
Faulty release bearing Check the accuracy of the bearing
The air in the hydraulic system * Bleed the hydraulic clutch
Faulty automatic adjustment mechanism for clutch cable Replace clutch cable **
Faulty pilot bearing drive shaft gearbox crankshaft Replace guide bearing on the crankshaft
Strongly bent or broken clutch disc friction linings Replace the clutch disc
The noise during the clutch pedal
Faulty release bearing Check the release bearing, replace
The slave drive has a pressure plate Replace the clutch disc
That growing, it reduces the noise in the recruitment and reduction of speed or motion with the clutch
Heavy spring travel of the separator (torsion damper) clutch plate Replace the clutch disc
Loose coupling riveted joints Replace the clutch
Too high unbalance clutch Replace the clutch and clutch disc

* Applies only to the clutch hydraulic
** Only for engaging driven

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