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Mazda 323 (1985 release)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Mazda 323
Gasoline engines
Engine oil
Engine cooling system
Ignition system
The power supply system, the carburettor, fuel injection system
Diesel engine
Manual gearbox
Automatic Transmission
Suspension and steering system
Wheels and tires, a body, car coloring, care of the car
Electrical system
Heater, illumination system, devices
Controls and operation receptions
Electrical diagrams
Handling electrical circuits
Location of the central electrical connectors
Construction of the electrical circuits
Location relays
Model 1987 Vol.
Model 1991 Vol.

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Electrical diagrams

Handling electrical circuits

If you want to find a fault in the electrical system or install additional electrical not do without a diagram showing the current flow and the cabling. The corresponding current loop should always be closed, otherwise the current will not flow. For example, it is not enough when the lights to the positive terminal voltage is applied and the outline on the contact mass is not closed.

Therefore, the mass of the battery cable is connected to the body. However, this earth connection is not enough, and the consumer has directly the corresponding earth wire whose insulation typically has a black color. The individual current paths may be embedded switches, relays, fuses, measuring instruments, electric motors or other electrical components. To be able to connect these devices properly, the individual cables have different colors.

Cable colors

The letters on the individual conductors indicate the color of the cable:

1 - symbol (Example)

2 - plain cable

3 - Black

4 - cable strips

5 - White (cable color)

6 - red (color strips)

Single letters denote plain cable.


B - black. In the two-color cables first letter indicates the basic color of the cable, and the second letter indicates the color of the strip.


W / R denotes the white cable with a red stripe. Consisting next letter in the brackets used to denote the corresponding cable harness.


(F) - Front cable harness in the instrument panel and the engine compartment on the right.

Color codes cables

Code Colour
L blue
B black
BR brown
DL dark blue
DG dark green
G green
GY gray
LB light gray
LG light green
N beige
O Orange
P pink
R red
PU purple
T beige
W white
Y yellow
V purple

Symbols plugs

Plugs and jacks are indicated in the diagram as follows:

Identical connectors connected by the dashed line in the diagram. Plug without designation of color is colorless or white. Sockets that are not used are marked with an asterisk (*).

The compounds of the masses

Compounds in Scheme weight, usually at the bottom.

If the connection cable is carried out mass, a point indicated by the mass number. If the connection is made directly through the mass of the body, this is indicated in the diagram shaded point.

Abbreviations in Schemes

A amps
ABS anti-lock system
ACC optional equipment
A / C air conditioning
A / T automatic transmission
ALT generator
B a battery
B / L top / compartment for legs
CPU electronic control device
CCT switching circuit
COMBI combi
DEF defroster
DIESEL Cars with diesel engine
ECU The engine control unit
EGI Electronic fuel injection
EGR Exhaust gas return
ELEC electric
F in front
FL Left Front
FR Right Front
F / B control
F / I injection valve
GEN generator
H / D heater / defroster
HEAT heater
HI high beams
IG ignition
ILLUMI lighting
INT Drive intervals
J / B fuse box
LH left
LO dazzle
M / T Manual Transmission
NC normally closed (contact)
NO normally open (NC)
OFF off
ON included
P / S servo control
R behind
RH on right
RL Left Rear
RPM r / min = rotations per minute
RR Right Rear
SQ square millimeters
SW switch
TEMP temperature
V Volts
VOL volumes
W Watts

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