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Mazda 323 (1985 release)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Mazda 323
Gasoline engines
Engine oil
Engine cooling system
Ignition system
The power supply system, the carburettor, fuel injection system
Diesel engine
Manual gearbox
Automatic Transmission
Suspension and steering system
Wheels and tires, a body, car coloring, care of the car
Electrical system
Heater, illumination system, devices
Fan Motor
Removal and installation of the heater fan
Heater controls
Adjusting drive heater
Check the fan motor / predrezistorov
Check the heater switch
Lighting system
Table lamps
Replacement of lamps of external lighting
Removing and installing lights
Adjustment of headlights
Removing and installing rear lights
Removal and installation of the instrument panel
Removal and installation of the radio
Removal and installation of loudspeakers
Removal and installation of the antenna whip
Replacing the wiper blades
Removing and installing / adjusting washer nozzles
Removal and installation of front wiper arm
Front wiper
Removing and installing front windscreen wiper motor
Rear Wiper
Removing and installing rear window wiper motor
Removing and installing rear window wiper arm
Controls and operation receptions
Electrical diagrams

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Heater, illumination system, devices


For heating the fresh air is sucked in under the windscreen and through the fan enters the interior of the vehicle. The air passes through the body of the heater and distributed different flaps between the individual nozzles. If the heater is set to "Heat", opens the flap of the warm air and cold air passes through the heat exchanger and is heated by hot coolant. Flowing air is heated by the heat exchanger lamellae and then enters the interior of the vehicle. The heater is controlled only by the amount of air flowing through the heat exchanger, coolant is continuously circulated in the heat exchanger. To enhance the capacity of the heater is a four-stage fan. To the fan runs at the individual stages at different speeds, are connected to it predrezistory.

The resistors are on board to connect the fan. When the fault, replace the entire board. Fan heater housing are inside under the dashboard.

Special Equipment: Air conditioner

With the temperature inside the air conditioner can be installed below the ambient temperature. When the air conditioner also reduces humidity in the cabin. The conditioner compressor is driven by the engine via the V-belt, which should be inspected and replaced as necessary as part of maintenance. See Section Technology services, tools and the workplace equipment. Repair work on the air conditioning must be carried out in a specialized workshop.

Do not open the air conditioner refrigerant circuit, and not to hold it near the welding work, as there is a risk of injury and risk to health due to the speaker of the refrigerant.

Vehicles with 9/85 for 9/89 MY.

1 - lateral nozzle defroster
2 - Side air vent
3 - bottom air vent
4 - secondary air vent
5 - control unit

6 - Rear channel heating
7 - fan unit
8 - secondary nozzle defroster
9 - box heater

MAZDA 323 10/89 vol.

1 - air distribution box of the heater housing and a heat exchanger
2 - Fan unit fan motor with pre-resistors

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