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Mazda 323 (1985 release)

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Mazda 323
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Mazda 323 (1985 release)

In 1963, the audience was shown a pretty ugly car-class golf, which, however, quickly became popular and "founded" a whole family of cars - it was the first generation Mazda 323. When in 1980 there was a second generation Mazda 323 - this car have different front-wheel drive, and five years later - in 1985 - the first time it was demonstrated the first generation of this model.

When the left Mazda 323 fourth generation - it happened in 1989 - the creators of this generation have decided to make all the modifications a bit more personal, and made sure that each machine has received a rather unusual interior and exterior, leaving the technical side unchanged. Under the hood Mazda 323 fourth-generation engineers put engine capable to please the owners of 185 hp with the volume of 1.8 liters.

Then specialists of the company started working on the Mazda 323 fifth-generation, and this work lasted from 1994 to 1998. It should be noted, the work has been quite productive, otherwise unlikely to have been able to achieve three upgrades of the same model in all four years of release.

For example, the first generation left the old control panel, and from August 1995 to October 1996, when began production of the second generation in the sales centers appeared Mazda 323 with an improved and more adapted to the modern needs of the center console and a new logo, which was is designed as a lotus icon.

The period from October 1996 to June 1998 saw the release of the latest versions of the fifth generation Mazda 323. This machine appeared more Unlike the first version - the emblem that adorns the grille, acquired the outlines of a flying bird, change the shape of mirrors and dashboard appeared third brake light.

At the time, it was just three members of the fifth generation - 5-door and 3-door hatchback and sedan. The range of petrol engines comprises four units, the weakest of them, which gave power only 73 hp and had a working volume of 1.4 liters, intended only for the 3-door hatchbacks and sedans.

The rest of the petrol engines - a 1.5-liter unit capacity of 88 "horses", a 1.8-liter, issuing 114 horsepower and a V6 engine with a volume of 2 liters and output of 144 hp In addition to the engine range was a few diesel engines - the first atmospheric volume of 2 liters and a power of 71 hp, and the second - a 1.7-liter, turbocharged power 82 hp.

Almost all versions of the Mazda 323 fifth-generation worked with 5-speed manual transmission, but there were also such "copies", which has an automatic transmission.

The visitor model 2001 brought some changes - designers worked on the exterior of the car, causing it has acquired a more aggressive and expressive appearance.

The engineers also brought its contribution, having worked over the range of engines - 1.5-liter engine was replaced by a 1.6-liter capable of delivering power of 98 hp Also got rid of the 1.8-liter engine - instead on the Mazda 323 became established 2-liter 131-horsepower engine, which previously enjoyed a predominantly 626-I model.

Added two-liter turbodiesel power - he began to give out 11 "horses" more. And only a small 1.3-liter engine remains the same as it was, with its 72 horsepower.

Mazda models 323 lasted until 2003, when the range of the company added new car with a new name - Mazda 3.

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