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Mazda 323 (1985 release)

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Mazda 323
Gasoline engines
Engine oil
Engine cooling system
Ignition system
The power supply system, the carburettor, fuel injection system
Diesel engine
Manual gearbox
Automatic Transmission
Suspension and steering system
Front suspension - general information
Removing and installing strut
Dismantling of an amortization rack / removal and shock-absorber installation / a screw spring
Checking the shock absorber
Removing and installing control arm / replacement of a rubber support
Check / replacement of the support arm / knuckle
Removing and installing drive shaft
Removal and installation of an intermediate shaft
Check / disassembly of the drive shaft / replacement cuffs
Bearing front hub
Rear suspension
Removing and installing the rear spring strut
Dismantling of a back amortization rack / removal and shock-absorber installation / a screw spring
Wishbone / trailing arm / stabilizer
Check the bearing hub
Removal and installation of the bearing hub
Adjusting backlash Bearing Kit
Removing and installing the hub
Removing and installing steering wheel
Removal and installation of tie rod
Removing and installing steering gear rubber sleeve
Servo pump
Wheel alignment
The values for the test MAZDA 323
Wheels and tires, a body, car coloring, care of the car
Electrical system
Heater, illumination system, devices
Controls and operation receptions
Electrical diagrams

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Suspension and steering system

Front suspension - general information

1 - regulator
2 - grommet
3 - the lower arm
4 - Ball Bearing
5 - plate fixing
6 - the upper spring cup
7 - rubber gasket
8 - pneumatic damper and casing
9 - Coil Spring

10 - shock
11 - knuckle
12 - a cover drive
13 - Drive
14 - Mount
15 - suspension strut
16 - Bearings
17 - the bottom of the spring cup
18 - rubber gasket

The front suspension used two spring struts McPherson, consisting of a helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber built. They are bolted to the body from the top, from the bottom to the swivel. Side mount made lower wishbone L-shaped, which are connected to swivel through a replacement ball joints. Wishbones are bolted to the body via rubber mountings. Depending on the engine mounted on the bottom of stabilizer bar that is connected to the shock-absorbing struts through the connecting rod.

The stabilizer reduces body tilt on bends.

The driving force of the engine is transmitted to the wheels via two drive shafts. On cars with front-wheel drive drive shafts are of different lengths. Each shaft is equipped with two constant velocity joints. The counterweight on the right drive shaft is used for vibration damping. Vehicles with 1,9 l DOHC engine and / or have a wheel drive transmission between the drive shaft and right intermediate shaft, whereby both drive shafts of the same length.

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Front suspension - general information

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