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Mazda 323 (1985 release)

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Mazda 323
Gasoline engines
Engine oil
Engine cooling system
Ignition system
The power supply system, the carburettor, fuel injection system
Diesel engine
The principle of operation of the diesel engine
Removing and installing toothed belt / adjusting timing gear
System of preheat of the diesel engine
Checking the system of preheat
Removal of air from the power supply system
Check / replacement of the electromagnetic valve fuel cut
Adjustment of a drive gas
Check / adjust the idle speed
Removal and installation of atomizers
Removal and installation of the vacuum pump
Manual gearbox
Automatic Transmission
Suspension and steering system
Wheels and tires, a body, car coloring, care of the car
Electrical system
Heater, illumination system, devices
Controls and operation receptions
Electrical diagrams

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Diesel engine

MAZDA 323 diesel engine is a inline four-cylinder engine with a transverse. The cylinder block is made from cast iron, the cylinder head is made of light metal. The valves are driven by rocker arm from overhead camshaft. Valve clearance is adjusted by adjusting screws and must be checked and adjusted as part of the maintenance in the event of noise control gear or after engine repair. Toothed belt driving the camshaft drives and high pressure fuel pump (pump).

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Checking the fuel pump
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The principle of operation of the diesel engine

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