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Mazda 323 (1985 release)

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Mazda 323
eleven About this Guide
Cars of mark Mazda-323 - an introduction
The vehicle identification number
Acquisition of spare parts
Technology services, tools and workplace equipment
Starting the engine from the auxiliary power
Jacking and towing
Automotive chemicals, oils and greases
Current service
Maintenance work
Transmission / drive wheels
Brakes / tire / wheel
Steering / front wheel drive
Electric Car
Body / internal equipment
Gasoline engines
Engine oil
Engine cooling system
Ignition system
The power supply system, the carburettor, fuel injection system
Diesel engine
Manual gearbox
Automatic Transmission
Suspension and steering system
Wheels and tires, a body, car coloring, care of the car
Electrical system
Heater, illumination system, devices
Controls and operation receptions
Electrical diagrams

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About this Guide


This manual was compiled to help the owner of the car to get the most out of. This task is achieved in several ways. The collected data and presented below allow the vehicle owner to decide what works for his service and when they should be performed, and whether it makes sense to try to fulfill their own, or should contact the dealer branch of the manufacturer or a workshop service centers. The Guide includes descriptions of procedures for compulsory routine maintenance of the car and given a timetable for their implementation. In addition, it offers information for the troubleshooting, parts and systems of the car (in the event of failure), as well as ways to eliminate their causes.

Guidelines drawn up on the assumption that most of the independent performance of procedures of service of the car owner. Many of the simple work can be performed on its own motorist much faster, taking into account the time required for delivery of the vehicle to the workshop Car, busy schedule of workshops and a trip to the shop for a car. In addition, it is probably more important, independent performance of procedures of maintenance and repair can significantly reduce the associated material costs, not to mention the feeling of self-satisfaction from the excellent quality of the work performed.

Terms of Use Guidelines

Manual is divided into chapters. Each chapter is divided into sections, in turn, is composed of paragraphs (consecutively numbered).

We offer our readers the text is accompanied by illustrative material (drawings and photographs), revealing the manner and method of the execution of certain procedures for each of the sections. The procedures discussed in the text once, more usually not repeated. Instead, if necessary, reference is made to the relevant sections of the relevant chapters, where the procedure has already been mentioned.

Links to the position of a node or the component on the left or right of the vehicle based on the assumption that the reader is in the driver's seat, facing forward.

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eleven About this Guide

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