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Volvo S40 / V40 (from 1996 to 2000, the year of issue)

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Volvo S40 / V40
S40 / V40
General Information
Operation and maintenance of car
Design and specifications Engine
Engine repair
Front suspension and steering
Rear suspension
Maintenance and repair
Check and adjust wheel alignment
Replacing the upper link
Replacing the traction control convergence
Removal of the lower arm
Replacing the rubber bushings of the lower arm
Installation of the lower arm
Replacing the front rubber bushings of the trailing arm
Replacing the longitudinal arm
Replacing the spring and shock absorber of the rear wheel
Replace anti-roll bar
Engine Management System Fenix 5.1
Electric. Wiring and components

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Replace anti-roll bar

To replace stabilizer:
- Remove the bolts fastening the stabilizer bar to the front and to the body;

Removing the anti-roll bar
Fig. 8.26. Removing the anti-roll bar

- Remove the anti-roll bar. The front anti-roll bar is replaced without removing the stabilizer bar. To remove the need to turn away a nut, fixing the ball joint using the Allen key (Fig. 8.26). When you install the rack should apply the new nuts and tighten to 45 Nm.

Installation Options stabilizer bar
Fig. 8.27. Installation Options stabilizer bar

- Install anti-roll bar, which put the fixing bolt anti-roll bar, tighten it so that the length of the protruding end of the thread was 3-5 mm, and then install the bolt stabilizer bar to body and tighten it to 25 Nm (Fig. 8.27).

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Replacing the spring and shock absorber of the rear wheel
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Engine Management System Fenix 5.1

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