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Kia Sportage (1999 release)

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Kia Sportage
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System of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
The power supply system, motor control / emission control and exhaust
Systems of an electric motor
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Automatic Transmission
Transmission Line
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric
The control body dimensions

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Kia Sportage (1999 release)

Model: Sportage road debut took place in 1994. Attractive design, comfortable cabin, compact size (3760h1730h1650 mm) and low price of Kia Sportage made one of the most popular-selling SUV. The car was produced with several types of bodies: three-door with a short base (2360 mm) or an elongated base (2650 mm) and five-door body type wagon length 4245 mm.

Kia Sportage has not only the original, quite an attractive appearance, but also a comfortable lounge. Separate console dark color goes well with gray coloring salon. Seats are quite comfortable. The driver's seat is equipped with four adjustable, so that the higher the driver located without problems, but rear passengers legroom is clearly not enough. And the width of the rear seat is small, three passengers here will be closely.

Vehicle body was made possible by a variety of chassis design, based on a powerful spar frame. The model has a detachable front axle drive and a two-stage transfer case. However, the possibility of transmission is strongly limited by the lack a center differential, which is why you can not include a full drive on ordinary roads, only for a while, on the roads and black ice.

A wide range of standard equipment includes the basic vehicle remote-controlled central locking, immobilizer, power windows front and rear doors, adjustment of the position of the steering wheel, power steering, power door mirrors, automatic antenna, speakers, digital clock, tires Michelin 205/70 R15.

Permeability on the roads is very moderate, in spite of the relatively decent (200 mm) clearance, hills and small fords car passes confidently enough.

The range of powertrains Sportage offers the following engines: 2.0-liter injection capacity of 95 and 128 hp (16-valve) or a 2.2-liter 63-horsepower diesel engine, or a 2.0-liter turbodiesel. Automatic 4-band transmission is in the list of options. The basic version offers a 5-speed manual transmission.

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