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Volkswagen Golf IV (1997 release)

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Volkswagen Golf 4
Golf 4
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Wheels and tires
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Wheels and tires

On vehicles "Golf" set tubeless radial tires and wheels of different sizes.

Keep in mind when choosing a drive, you must take into account not only the diameter and width of the drive, but also the distance from the mounting surface to the line of symmetry of the drive.

Initially, new tires still do not provide enough of their adhesion to the road surface; the first 100 km to be moving at a moderate speed and with great care - in this period, the tire "packer". The successful implementation of this process contributes to the life of the tires.

Depending on the design features and the height of the tire tread new tire tread pattern varies for individual models and tire manufacturers.

From time to time the bus during operation are tested for strength (which may be the result of punctures, cuts, tears and swellings). Regularly remove foreign bodies from the tire tread.

To avoid damage to tires and wheels should be slowly and, if possible at right angles to overcome curbs or other similar obstacles.

Often the tires and wheels are hidden damage. The emergence of unusual vibrations or pull to one side could indicate tire damage. If there is a suspicion that the tire is damaged, you should immediately slow down! Check the tires for damage (cracks, blisters, etc.). If you do not show any external injuries, slowly and carefully follow to the nearest service enterprise a Volkswagen for a thorough check the status of the tires.

Avoid tire contact with oils, greases and fuels.

Instead of lost dustproof caps should be immediately put new caps.

Before removing the wheels need to make a note on them so that when refitting could keep the same direction of rotation of tires.

The removed wheels and tires should be stored in clean and dry as possible in a dark room. Not mounted on wheels tires should be stored upright.

Before removing the wheel, increase the tire pressure to 0.3-0.5 bar.

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