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Volkswagen Golf IV (1997 release)

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Volkswagen Golf 4
Golf 4
Cooling system
Fuel System
Exhaust system
Ventilation and heating system
Suspension brackets and power shafts
Wheels and tires
Electrical equipment and wiring
Incandescent lamps
Electrical circuits
Detection of open circuit
Circuit breakers
Replacement of bulbs of external illumination
Removing and installing additional brake light
Replacement of bulbs of internal illumination
Devices of external illumination
Adjusting headlights
Removal and installation of the instrument cluster
Removing and installing steering column switch
Removal and installation of switches
Removal and installation of the radio
Removal and installation of tweeters
Removal and installation of low-frequency speakers
Recommendations for telephone installation
Check the rear window defogger
Understanding the electrical circuits
Diagrams of car VW Golf since September, 1997

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Electrical equipment and wiring

On the positive power supply wire connected users, and with minus - through a body of the car (a lot). This method reduces the number of cables and simplify installation.

The electrical system has a 12-volt power supply with negative grounding and consists of a battery, alternator, starter, consumers of electricity and electrical circuits.

For the protection of electrical circuits, fuses are used, the color of which corresponds to a current protection fuse. The fuse is determined by the presence of the wire conductor connecting contacts of the fuse.

When working with electrical equipment remove a wire of weight from the battery to prevent short-circuiting of electrical circuits.

Electric equipment of the engine includes ignition system, charging and starting.

The battery is charged by a generator, which is driven by a belt from the crankshaft pulley.

The starter motor is a direct current with the mixed excitation with an electromagnetic driving relay. At engine start the traction relay moves the pinion gear into engagement with the flywheel before the starter will receive power from the battery. After starting the engine clutch disconnects the starter anchor on the flywheel.
A warning

When working on the electrical system, so as not to damage the semiconductor devices (diodes and transistors), you must meet the following requirements:

- During operation of the engine, do not disconnect the battery, alternator or any electric sockets;
- When carrying out any works remove the negative plug from the accumulator;
- When carrying out electric welding on the vehicle, disconnect the alternator and the electronic control device;
- Do not operate the engine disconnected from the electrical system of the generator;
- Do not check the operation of the generator, closing its output terminals to ground.

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