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Volkswagen Golf IV (1997 release)

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Volkswagen Golf 4
Golf 4
Cooling system
Fuel System
Exhaust system
Ventilation and heating system
Suspension brackets and power shafts
Removal and installation of airbags
Removing and installing steering wheel
Removal and installation of tie rod
The basic malfunctions of steering and suspension
Wheels and tires
Electrical equipment and wiring

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The steering consists of a steering wheel, steering column, steering mechanism and tie rods. For ease of operation of the vehicle steering wheel is adjustable in height by 28 mm in the longitudinal direction and 50 mm.

The steering wheel is fixed to the steering column and transfers effort on gear rack gear.

Rack steering each side is connected to the tie rod by means of a ball joint. Steering Linkage transmit power through steering tips and rotary fists to the front wheels. Rack and pinion steering has a slight stroke and has no backlash by the rotation of the steering wheel from lock to lock. The steering is virtually maintenance free, but should always check the condition of protective covers of spherical hinges.

To facilitate the steering wheel mounted hydraulic power steering. It consists of an oil pump, expansion tank and oil lines. The pump is driven by the engine via poly-V-belt. The pump delivers oil from a tank to a high pressure valve located in the steering gear. The valve is mechanically connected to the steering shaft and delivers the oil depending on the steering wheel to the respective side of the working cylinder. Oil pressure on the piston of the rack and thereby supports the movement of the steering wheel. Simultaneously, the piston pushes the oil from the other side of the working cylinder through the return line back to the expansion tank.

In the central part of the steering wheel mounted airbag airbag for the driver. Airbag on the driver installed as standard equipment on all models. Security system is activated when the ignition is activated and deceleration sensor included in the control unit. If there is a fault in the airbag in the dash warning light.

When working on a vehicle equipped with an air bag, moving and storage of the airbag should observe the following precautions:

- Do not disconnect the battery when the engine is running;
- Do not disconnect the battery terminal when in the car are the people;
- When performing any work on the security system, or holding Electric Car deactivate the security system;
- If the warning light alarm security system, you must immediately contact the station maintenance;
- Transport safety air cushion is necessary to separate bag up;
- During transport to place his hands on the airbag;
- Do not throw the airbag;
- Do not dismantle the airbag;
- Not be exposed to air bag solvents or cleaning agents;
- Do not expose the air bag to a temperature of over 80 ? C;
- Avoid contact of the airbag with an open flame;
- Do not install on the car's airbag defects or damage.

If you have side airbags mounted in the front seat backrests, only use cases for the front seats, recommended by Volkswagen.

A warning

It is strictly forbidden to carry out welding and straightening work on the details of the steering system. When installing, use the new self-locking nuts.

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