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Volkswagen Golf IV (1997 release)

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Volkswagen Golf 4
Golf 4
Cooling system
Fuel System
Exhaust system
Ventilation and heating system
Suspension brackets and power shafts
Wheels and tires
Care body
Care of an upholstery and rugs
Repair of insignificant damages of a body
Repair of strong damages of a body
The front body panel
Removing and installing front bumper
Removing and installing rear bumper
Removal and installation of a forward wing
Removal and installation of facing of a niche of a forward wing
Removal and installation of facing of a niche of the rear wing
Hood lock
Removing and installing radiator grille
Removal and installation of a lateral overlay of a body
Purification gutter
The center console
Removal and installation of the top furnish in space for feet of the driver
Removal and installation of the glove compartment
Removal and installation of a lateral covering of space for feet
Removal and installation of overlays of thresholds
Removal and installation of the bottom facing of the central rack
Removal and installation of the right lateral covering of a luggage space
Removing and installing luggage compartment floor coverings
Removal and installation of back furnish of a luggage space
Removing and installing front seat
Side airbags
Removing the rear bench seat cushion
Removing and installing rear seat backrest
Washers and wipers
Electrical equipment and wiring

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The gap between the front of the body parts

D - 2 mm;

F - 3 mm;

G - 3,5 mm;

H - 4 mm;

K - 5 mm;

L - 5,5 mm

The gap between the parts rear

D - 2 mm;

G - 3,5 mm;

H - 4 mm;

K - 5 mm;

M - 6 mm

Cars are an integral body. Body is a universal welded construction and includes a crumple zone during a collision in the front and rear with a security unit in the center of the vehicle.

The hood, trunk lid, doors and front wings are attached to the bolts and are easy to replace. During installation, observe the clearances, or, for example, will knock the door or will be observed an increase in noise from the wind while driving. The gap should be at least parallel to its length, i.e. the distance between the body parts must be maintained constant throughout the length of the gap.

In the production of galvanized car body, and the bottom is treated anti-corrosion coating. Bumpers and wheel arch liners for strength and durability are made of plastic.

Almost all of the components and equipment parts of the body can be installed and removed with the usual set of tools. When disassembling and assembling the need to take special precautions not to cause serious damage to the seals and corrosion resistant coating, the application of the manufacturer.

A warning

If you do not have enough experience, or not the right place to carry out any work set out in this manual, it is recommended to perform repair service car service Volkswagen dealer or an authorized repair shop.

Before working on the instrument panel, doors, or any electrical device, remove a wire of weight from the accumulator.

Security measures at carrying out welding work

During welding and other work related to the strong iskrovydeleniem, close to the location of the battery, be sure to remove the battery.

It is forbidden to carry out welding and hard and soft soldering parts filled the air conditioner. This also applies to those components of a vehicle, welding, which can cause heating of the air-conditioner parts. When carrying out repair and painting works in the dryer or in the zone of its heating temperature should not exceed + 80 ?.

RECEIVER code-theft protection
A warning

Before disconnecting the ground wire from the battery, make sure you know the correct code decoding receiver which restores its efficiency. If after connecting a ground wire to enter the wrong code, the receiver turns off.

A warning

To keep the connection with the mass and prevent damage due to corrosion, do not disconnect the wires from the body. Disconnect the wires from the battery only, the engine or transmission.

Before connecting the wires or bus connection with the mass clean all the joints to the metal. Ensure that the tightening of bolted connections with weight.

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