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Volkswagen Golf IV (1997 release)

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Volkswagen Golf 4
Golf 4
Cooling system
Fuel System
Exhaust system
Ventilation and heating system
Removal and installation of the air nozzles
Installation of the lever central flap
Removal and installation of the fan heater and the additional resistor
Removal and installation of cables of management by heating and ventilation system
Shutter, regulating temperature of air submitted to salon
Removing and installing heater controls
Ventilation of the passenger compartment
The executive engine of the valve recycling air
The air conditioning system
Brackets C compressor
Suspension brackets and power shafts
Wheels and tires
Electrical equipment and wiring

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Ventilation and heating system

Elements of system of heating and ventilation

1 - side window air vents;
2 - the front of the nozzle;
3 - nozzle defrosting the windscreen;
4 - heater control panel;
5 - spacer;
6 - transverse beam instrument panel;
7 - pollen filter;
8 - the executive engine of fresh air or recirculated air;
9 - the heater fan;
10 - additional resistor;
11 - heater;
12 - middle panel;
13 - channel air into the footwell of the front passenger;
14 - air intake behind the front seats;
15 - seal;
16 - connector;
17 - control cable;
18 - a heater radiator;
19 - sealing heat exchanger;
20 - spacer

Air supplied the ventilation system in the vehicle interior can be heated or cooled depending on the conditions of comfort, selectable by the driver and passengers. Heating and air conditioning systems are separate, but the units and components of these systems are located in the passenger compartment in a common housing under the dashboard. The entire flow of air submitted to salon is sent for heating or cooling through the same casing. The temperature and the air flow rate is regulated by the same controls.

The heat generated when the engine is transmitted to the radiator coolant heater, located in the cabin. The supplied air flow from the ventilation system passes through the cooler and heated by the heat of the engine coolant flowing in the radiator.

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