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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
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Bleeding the brakes

Bleeding the brakes is required if the system is opened at any place, or the air got into it the other way. Before pumping the brakes, remove dirt and foreign bodies with pumping valves and remove the cover of the compensation tank.

If disabled only one wheel cylinder or caliper is usually enough to pump only the corresponding circuit, t. E. The front left and rear right brake or front right and rear left brake. Otherwise, the pumping can begin with the front, and rear brakes, but it is best to stick to the sequence recommended by the manufacturer: rear left, front right, rear left and front left brake. For pumping without assistance in the automobile, there are many devices. By using one of these devices should be guided by the Regulations. Otherwise, you must resort to an assistant.


  1. After removal of the boot put on the appropriate valve pumping transparent hose. The other end into a bottle filled with a certain amount of brake fluid.
  2. Ask the assistant to press the brake pedal to the floor. Open the valve pumping half a turn, when the pedal is near the floor. Watch for leaky hose brake fluid.
  3. When the liquid bubbles stop appearing, then the air is removed. At the last roll, leave the pedal from the floor and close the valve pumping. Slowly release the pedal.
  4. Perform the same operation on the other valves in the pumping sequence.
    It should be noted that the need to monitor the level of brake fluid to air in the system could not get through the tank. Never fill the tank pumped out of the system fluid. Do not use brake fluid, spent much time in an uncovered pot.

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