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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
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Front brakes
Rear brakes
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The main brake cylinder
Bleeding the brakes
Brake booster
Control valve
Hand brake
Adjusting the brakes
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric

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Brake booster

Repair the brake booster is not made for disassembly and assembly of special tools are required. The output of amplifier failure does not mean a loss of braking ability. In fact, the brake pedal is required to make a greater effort. The work of the brake booster can be checked as follows:


  1. On the engine turned off, repeatedly press the brake pedal until the system disappears vacuum.
  2. Depress the pedal and start the engine.
  3. If the amplifier works flawlessly, the pedal goes down significantly.
  4. To remove the brake booster unscrew nuts four bolts from the car, after it is removed the brake master cylinder. We should be held following the preparatory work to be able to get close to all the fixings and pull amplifier.
  5. Remove the air filter bracket and the control valve near the brake booster.
  6. Release the brake pipes from the clips.
  7. When installed, disconnect the plug servo pressure sensor hose clamp and remove the power steering pump.
  8. Brake booster push rod is connected to the car with the brake pedal. Also, plug the vacuum hose to the inlet pipeline. Brake booster when removing must be turned and tilted, so the space is quite limited.
When installing a new brake booster is necessary to set the size of the "A" at 125 mm by moving the push rod (1).
  1. Installation of the brake booster in the reverse order of removal. If you install the old brake booster and master cylinder, no adjustment is required. If one of the parts replaced, you need to adjust the pushrod in the cabin. To do this, measure the distance from the contact surface of the amplifier (which is flanged master brake cylinder) to the middle of the hole in the bar, as shown in the illustration. The size should be 125 mm. Otherwise, loosen the locknut and turn the pushrod and screw it.

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