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Kia Sephia / Shuma (1995 release)

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Kia Sephia / Shuma
Sephia / Shuma
Greasing system
The power supply system and release
Adjusting accelerator cable
Check the air filter element
The elements of the exhaust system
The filter element air filter
Check ignition timing and idle speed
Electronic engine control module (ECM)
Check crankcase ventilation (PCV)
Checking system EVAP
Check valve system EVAP
Checking fuel vapor separator
Check bilateral control valve
Check of the canister with the activated coal
Check valve fuel vapor
Sensor Flow air (TED)
Check vacuum
Sensor Flow air (TED)
Coolant temperature
Throttle Position Sensor
Heated Oxygen Sensor
:20. Checking the front and rear heated oxygen sensors
The main relay
Fuel system
Ignition system
Manual transmission
Automatic Transmission
Axes and power shafts
Wheels and tires
The air conditioning system
Electrical equipment

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The power supply system and release

Air supply system

Air entering the engine, the air filter is cleaned and mixed with the fuel, forming the fuel mixture is combusted in the engine cylinders.

Air supply system consists of the following components:

- The air filter;
- Resonant chamber;
- Air flow meter sensor;
- Throttle assembly;
- The inlet manifold;
- Valve control idle speed.

Sensor air flow meter measures the amount of air entering the engine and transmits a signal to the control unit.
The resonance chamber suppresses noise caused by the surge of air.

The throttle assembly includes:

- Throttle position sensor;
- Valve control idle speed.

The idling supplies a small amount of air bypassing the throttle device for the idle speed.


The exhaust gas contains mainly nitrogen (N 2) and carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO 2), water vapor (H 2 O), oxygen (O 2), nitrogen oxides (NO X), hydrogen ( H 2) and various unburned hydrocarbons (HC). Three of the components - CO, NO X and HC are the most serious air pollutants, so their emissions should be managed.

The catalytic converter is installed in the exhaust system, it works as a gas reactor to reduce the level of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. The entire internal volume of the housing is filled with a porous ceramic monolith is a conventional filter, the inner and outer surface of pores which, in contact with the gases covered with very thin molecular layer of the alloy of the active catalytic material comprising platinum, rhodium and palladium.

In the catalyst reaction occurs, resulting in a dangerous hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas are converted into harmless gases and water vapor.

Elements of system of air supply

1 - intake of fresh air;
2 - air inlet;
3 - the air filter;
4 - Air flow meter;
5 - resonance chamber (just the engine TED

1. Remove the air supply system components in the sequence designated in figures in fig. Elements of the system air supply.
2. Visually inspect the state of the elements of air power and, if necessary, repair or replace them.


Installation is made in sequence, return to removal.

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