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Kia Sephia / Shuma (1995 release)

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Kia Sephia / Shuma
Sephia / Shuma
Greasing system
The power supply system and release
Fuel system
Ignition system
Manual transmission
Automatic Transmission
Axes and power shafts
Wheels and tires
Technical data
Front bumper
Rear bumper
The front door
Conformal door seal
Door hinges and door lock strike plate
Door lock
Inner Door handle
The outer door handle
Cylinder door lock
Window switches
Power windows
Glass doors
High level brake light
The rear combination lamp
Sound signal
Device combination
Repair of the instrument cluster
Replacing bulbs dash
Printed circuit board
The top decorative overlay of the panel of devices
The central panel
Cover center console
The center console
Dimmer dashboard
The left and right lattices of a heater of a windscreen
The left and right lateral lattices of a heater
Ducts heating and ventilation systems
Floor ducts
A cable of opening the bonnet
Handle opening the bonnet
The control panel heating and ventilation
Door mirror
Replacing the glass door mirror
The front seats
Upholstery front seatback
The upholstery of the front seat
The leaning back hinge of a forward seat
Rear seat
Seat belts
Lock the front seat
Front shoulder belt
Rear seat belts
Bracket rear seat belt
Shoulder rear seat belt
The top furnish of a forward rack
The bottom furnish of the central rack
The top furnish of the central rack
Finish the back of the rack
Finishing stand legs
Front side door trim
Rear door trim
The trunk lid
The hinge lid
Windshield washer hose
Engine windshield washer
Wiper Arm
Replacing the wiper blades
Traction wiper
Wiper Motor
Distances between body points
The air conditioning system
Electrical equipment

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Front and rear bumpers are made up of three parts: the bumper cover, foam energy absorber and the bumper amplifier.
Pad is made of polypropylene. The foam energy absorber made of polystyrene foam.

Power bumper is made of durable polypropylene fibers. The foam energy absorber is located between the bumper and the amplifier.

Interior lighting

Interior lighting designed for interior lighting while landing in a car when opening the doors. Also, the backlight can be turned on behind closed doors. Lantern lighting cabin located in the center of the ceiling.


The door is secured to the vehicle body by two hinges and door opening limiter. Door opening limiter limits the door opening.

The hollow rubber door seal is mounted on the door ledge and prevents the penetration of moisture and dust between the door and body.

The door lock rods connected to the outer and inner door handles opening.

Power windows consists of a mechanism with the window glass fixed on it, the front window guide, the switch installed in the armrest and plastic frame that protects all components.
Impact plate of the door lock can be adjusted to secure tons of soft closing doors.

Exterior Lights

External lighting devices consist of six lighting: headlights, turn signal lights, marker lights, hazard warning lights, brake lights and license plate light (only rear). Lamps all six systems are located in the left and right headlights, left and right rear lights, rear top stoplight and two license plate light. All lighting is powered 12-volt electrical system, and are managed by the driver.

Rear lights

Rear lights are arranged so that the aerodynamic shape of the body continues. The lens of the flashlight has three colors. Rear lights contain three bulbs. Two lamps - one filament, and are designed for a turn signal / hazard warning lights and reverse. The third lamp with two incandescent filaments designed for stop lamps and side marker lighting lamps are mounted on a plastic holder. Holder bulbs removed from the inside of the car to replace incandescent lamps.

Lamp of a stoplight turns on a switch mounted near the brake pedal and actuated by pressing the brake pedal.

Lamps backing included a switch mounted on the gearbox. When reverse gear is engaged, the switch contacts are closed, resulting in a light bulb reverse.

Lamp turn signal / hazard warning system includes a combination switch mounted on the steering column. Flasher / hazard warning lights located under the dash on the left side.


Lights are formed so that the aerodynamic shape of the body continues. The headlamp is attached to the body with two bolts.

Each lamp contains three incandescent bulbs. A halogen incandescent lamp type with two incandescent filaments used for long-range and short-range light. O-ring seals of the filament lamp holder to avoid getting into the spotlight moisture and dust. Replacing the lamp is made from the engine compartment without removing the headlight. Each spotlight is adjustable light in the horizontal and vertical planes. In two adjusting screws for each lamp are available through the opening above the headlights. Internal screw adjusts the light in the horizontal plane and external - to the vertical.

The other two are designed for incandescent indicator / hazard warning lights and side marker lights.

Lamp turn signal / hazard warning system includes a combination switch mounted on the steering column.

Rear top stoplight

Rear Diffuser top stoplight is red and clearly visible through the rear window. Rear top stoplight has one lamp. To replace bulbs in the rear upper stoplight is necessary to remove the cover, which is secured by two screws. Lamp of a stoplight turns on a switch mounted near the brake pedal and actuated by pressing the brake pedal.

License plate light

Two license plate light mounted in the trunk lid. Each lamp is mounted on a lamp. Lanterns are included with the inclusion of marker lighting. To replace the lamp must remove the transparent lens, which is secured by two screws.


The ceiling is made of fabric and serves as a decorative and protective layer between the passengers and the car roof. Between the ceiling and roof of the car plates are installed insulation. At the center of the ceiling mounted interior light interior. The ceiling and insulation plates can be replaced.


Hood alligator type, which opens from the front of the car and locked the standard double unlocking mechanism. Handle opening the bonnet is located on the left side below the instrument panel. When you open the hood pivots on two hinges and locked in the open position support. Each hinge is fixed with two screws to the body and the two bolts to the hood. To adjust the position of the hood, it can be moved by the elongated holes for bolts hood hinges. Hood latch can be adjusted in two planes to ensure the optimal position of the lock of a cowl and a shock plate.

Sound signal

The car is equipped with one beep, set in the center of the vehicle behind the front bumper. Turning the alarm by pressing the button located in the center of the steering wheel. The voltage from the positive terminal of the battery is supplied to the horn relay located in the engine compartment fuse box.

Device combination

The instrument cluster is designed to inform the driver about the current parameters of the car. Analog speedometer electric counters daily and total mileage of the car, analog gauges fuel and coolant temperature are located in the instrument cluster.
Warning lights warn about the following:

- Low engine oil pressure;
- Disable the anti-lock brake system (ABS);
- Faults in the engine;
- Using the rear window heater;
- Low brake fluid level;
- Not charging the battery;
- Not wearing a seat belt of the driver;
- The headlight of headlights;
- Is not closed one of the doors of the car;
- Apply the parking brake;
- Indication of the airbag;
- An additional indicator (ACC);
- Low fuel level in the fuel tank;
- On lamp hazard warning lights;
- On lamp rotation.

Electrical connection of the instrument cluster are located on the rear side of the body of the instrument cluster, which can be removed after pulling out the instrument cluster of the instrument panel. The circuit board is mounted on the back of the instrument cluster. Incandescent lamp holders are installed in a printed circuit board with the back side of the instrument cluster. Pointers can be removed after removing the trim and glass with a dash.

Indicators and Sensors

Coolant temperature gauge is located in the instrument cluster shows the temperature when the ignition switch is turned "ON". The temperature sensor disposed on the motor changes its resistance depending on the temperature.

Electric Fuel level measurement system consists of a fuel level indicator, fuel level sensor located in the fuel tank and connecting wires. The fuel gauge is located in the instrument cluster and shows the fuel level when the ignition switch is turned "ON". When you turn the ignition key to the "ACC" or "LOCK" fuel gauge is not working.

Speedometer indicates a vehicle speed at a given time. Speedometer drive and counters daily and total mileage of the car by a motor based on the information from the sensors.

The tachometer indicates engine speed in RPM. Electronic unit tachometer measures the number of pulses generated by the ignition module and converts them into RPM.


When removing or installing any electrical unit, disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery to prevent short circuits that can damage electrical appliances and circuits.


The switch includes a rear window defogger and defrost glass indicates that thawing is carried out.
Switch hazard warning system includes all the turn signals, while also incorporating the turn indicators flash in the instrument cluster.

Switch the position of the outer mirror switch allows you to adjust the position of the moving mirror in the vertical and horizontal planes. Switch "R / L" allows you to choose a mirror position adjustment which will be carried out.

Wiper switch controls the windshield wiper.

Controls and Lights

Additional control lamps "ACC" lights when the radio is turned on or other user, and the ignition switch is in the "ACC".

The indicator lamp antilock brakes (ABS) illuminates when the ABS control unit detects a failure in the anti-lock brakes.

The indicator lamp "BRAKE" lights up when the brake fluid is lowered below the safety level, and the ignition key is turned "ON". Brake fluid level sensor located in popolnitelnom tank of brake system. Float at low brake fluid level, dropping, electrical circuit, causing the warning lamp.

The indicator lamp "CHARGE" red lights when the ignition is switched on, and go out immediately after starting the engine. If the lamp lights when the engine is running, then the alternator is not charging the battery.

The indicator lamp "CHECK ENGINE" light up when the ignition and go out immediately after starting the engine. If the lamp lights when the engine is running, then the engine control unit detects a fault.

Burning warning lamp "DOOR" indicates that one of the car doors are not closed.

The indicator lamp "OIL" lights up when the ignition is switched on, and go out immediately after starting the engine. If the lamp lights or flashes when the engine is running, it means that the pressure of the oil to lubricate the engine is not enough.

LED main beam lights while the engine is running and when the driving beam.

Control lamp of low fuel level in the tank indicates that the tank remained a reserve of fuel and the car must be as fast as possible to fill.

The indicator lamp lights when the parking brake parking brake is applied and the ignition switched on.

The indicator lamp "R-DEF" rear screen indicates that the rear window heater is working.

The indicator lamp "BELTS" lights up and a buzzer sounds when the ignition is not fastened and the front seat belts.

LED turn signal is synchronized with the turn signal lamps.


On the dashboard instrument cluster located in the central panel of furnish and a plurality of switches and control devices.

The central panel is a cover for the control panel heating and ventilation, radio, glove box and is the basis for the cigarette lighter and ashtray. The central panel can remain in place when removing the instrument panel.
Interior lighting control switch allows you to adjust the brightness of the instrument panel.

The radio receiver located in the central panel. The antenna and power connections for the radio at the rear of the radio. The wire antenna passes under the dashboard and connects the antenna to the radio. Before removing the dashboard, the radio must be removed.

The control panel heating and ventilation installed in the central panel. The control panel is connected by cables to the heater and regulates the temperature and air distribution of the car. To access the ropes, you must first remove part of the instrument panel.

Door mirror

The exterior mirror consists of a mirror frame (holder) mirrors, engine wiring harness connector. The position of each door mirror can be adjusted in four directions remotely from inside the vehicle.

The system central control door locks

1 - the relay of the central control door locks;

2 - door lock knob;

3 - lock the front door;

4 - the rear door lock

The system central control door locks includes locks doors, internal and external opening handles locks, cylinder locks and central locking switch. Central locks installed on all doors of the vehicle. The system is activated switch located on the driver's door. The switch controls the relay, which is located on the left side under the dashboard.

Each door lock has four rod connecting the lock from the inside and the outside handle of opening of the door lock, door lock cylinder and the inner door lock knob. Pressing the door lock on the inner door handle locks and unlocks the three-door car. Pressing a button on the driver's door and the back door holding outside handle in the open position locks all four doors. The opening of this door with the key also opens other doors locks.
The rear door has a lock that prevents opening of the doors from inside the vehicle.

Power windows

Power windows provide remote raising and lowering windows front and rear doors. Each window winders driven by a reversible electric motor. Engines windows are operated switches mounted on the front and rear doors. On the driver's door is set master switch that controls the power windows on all doors.

Rear Defrost

Rear window defrost heater is carried out, which consists of a series of parallel conductors deposited on the glass. When an electric current conductors of heat and defrost and scrape moisture rear window. The current is supplied from the relay located in the engine compartment fuse box. If the glass in the cleared within 15 minutes, you must re-enable the heater to the second cycle, ie for 15 minutes.

The front seats

Front seat consists of the seat back and cushion. Both seats have longitudinal adjustment and adjustment of the angle of the seat back. The position of the head restraint can also be adjusted or it can be removed from the seat.

Lever adjustment of the longitudinal position of the seat is in the right or left front corner of any of the front seats.

Knob to adjust the angle of the seat back is in the seat, by the door. To adjust to press the lever and to lower the seat, amass it or lifting the back, rejected (free) from the back. After releasing the lever position of the backrest is fixed.


The rear seat has two separate rear seat backs, and a common pad.

The seat cushion is attached to two locks mounted in the front of the cushion.

Two seatback attached to the brackets with the hinges.

In the normal position of the seat locks secured to the shock plates fixed nV body.

Seat belts

Seat belt system comprises five belts. Seat belts of the driver and passenger side have a three-point mount. Seatbelts are equipped with driver's alarm system, which warns the driver's ignition warning lamp in the instrument cluster and an acoustic signal. Caution is automatically terminated after approximately 60 seconds.

Trim panel

Trim panels are molded plastic and are intended for finishing the interior of the vehicle. It also contributes to the car sound insulation, as well as the closure of the metal body panels.

Upholstery is installed on all the doors and on the pillars and sills.

The trunk lid

The boot lid is attached to the body with two hinges. The two hinges are connected with each other and the two springs are bolted. Springs help to open the trunk lid and keep it in the open position.

Profiled sealing strip, fixed on a ledge lid prevents leakage between the trunk and the body.

The latch is attached in the center of the base of the trunk lid. Position is adjustable lid.

Wipers and windshield washer

Cars equipped Sephia windscreen wiper with variable speed purification.

The wiper consists of a wiper motor, rods and two levers with brushes.

Windscreen washer fluid reservoir comprises, engine and turns of the two nozzles. Both systems are connected to the wiper arm and a timer in the combined steering column switch.

Wiper switch located on the steering column.

The engine delivers washer fluid through hoses to the spray gun. The engine runs with only one speed.

Sprays supply fluid to the windshield and can be replaced individually.

The timer controls the timing of the wiper. It is an integral part of the combined steering column switch.

Rods connect the wiper motor and the wiper arms consist of two connecting rods and two units of a turning point. The main function is to convert rotary motion of the motor shaft into translational motion of the brushes. Failure of any element, it is necessary to replace the wiper assembly.

Wiper Motor - two-speed, DC. The engine and the bracket can be replaced separately from the wiper.

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