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Kia Magentis / Optima (2000 release)

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Kia Magentis
Lubrication System
Cooling system
The control and toxicity
Fuel system
Ignition system
Power shafts, axles
Technical data
Anti-lock brakes
Checking and adjusting the brake pedal position
Check the brake servo
Bleeding the hydraulic system of a drive of brakes
Bleeding the hydraulic system of a drive of brakes with scanner use
Adjust the parking brake stroke
Brake pedal
The main brake cylinder
Vacuum brake booster
Brake tubes and hoses
Pressure regulator
Replacing the front brake pads
Caliper front brake
Rear drum brakes
Replacing the working brake cylinder
Rear disc brakes
Hydraulic block HECU (the hydraulic and electronic control unit)
Wheel speed sensor
Parking brake
The air conditioning system
Electrical equipment
Electrical diagrams

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Anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock brake system controls (ABS) pressure in the hydraulic actuator brakes each wheel individually and reduces the fluid pressure in the wheel brake, the wheel is starting to be blocked.

ABS has the following functions:

Improved steering stability during evasive maneuvers, even during braking.

Reduction of braking distance when heavy braking, while maintaining stability and controllability of the car, even during cornering.

Traction control system is designed to increase traction during acceleration and cornering. The system determines the optimum speed of the wheels and the wheel, which rotates in a given situation will transmitted torque reduction.

Joint control unit (HECU) receives the signals of the vehicle speed, direction and road conditions from sensors in the wheels and the steering column. Based on these signals, the control unit determines the optimum speed of the wheel. Since the system is a variable, the control unit can determine, depending on traffic conditions that a rapid rotation of the wheels is advantageous (thereby increasing linear acceleration) or wheel spin disadvantageous (during cornering).

The system is ready to work automatically whenever the engine is started, but can be turned off manually switch TCS.

EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution)

EBD additionally used instead of the pressure regulator to perfectly distribute pressure to the front and rear brakes to prevent the rear wheels from locking during heavy braking.

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Checking and adjusting the brake pedal position

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