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Kia Magentis / Optima (2000 release)

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Kia Magentis
Lubrication System
Cooling system
The control and toxicity
Fuel system
Ignition system
Power shafts, axles
Technical data
Front bumper
Rear bumper
Sound signal
Horn relay
Exterior Lights
High level brake light
The outer section of the rear combination lamp
The inner section of the rear combination lamp
Replacing bulbs lights
Replacing bulbs top stoplight
Replacing bulbs license plate light
Replacement of lamps of external section of the rear combination lamp
Replacement of lamps of internal section of the rear combination lamp
Wipers and windshield washer
Windshield washer hose
Engine windshield washer
Wiper Arm
Replacing the wiper blades
Traction wiper
Wiper Motor
The front door
Conformal door seal
Door hinges and door lock strike plate
The trunk lid
Lock lid
Cover lid
Device combination
Repair of the instrument cluster
The control panel heating and ventilation
Floor ducts
The front seats
Front seatback
Front seat
Rear seat
Seat belts
Buckle front seat
Front shoulder belt
Rear seat belts
Rear seat belt buckle
Shoulder rear seat belt
The top furnish of a forward rack
The bottom furnish of the central rack
The top furnish of the central rack
The air conditioning system
Electrical equipment
Electrical diagrams

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Wipers and windshield washer

Cars equipped with wiper Windscreen variable speed purification. The wiper consists of a wiper motor, rods and two levers with brushes.

Windscreen washer fluid reservoir comprises, engine and turns of the two nozzles. Both systems are connected to the wiper arm and a timer in the combined steering column switch.


Washer hoses are made of neoprene, and fluid is supplied to the spray gun washer. Hoses are made up of three parts and are connected via T-pieces. Replacement of hoses can be carried out separately. Washer hose attached three clips.

Wiper Switch

Wiper switch located on the steering column.

Engine Windscreen

The engine delivers washer fluid through hoses to the spray gun. The engine runs with only one speed.


Sprays supply fluid to the windshield and can be replaced individually.

Glass washer tank

Glass washer tank for storing liquid used screen washer. It - plastic element with a fluid supply fitting and the connecting channel for the washer motor.


The timer controls the timing of the wiper. It is an integral part of the combined steering column switch.

Wiper arms

Wiper arms, metal, provide the movement of the wiper blades on the windscreen. To improve the purification of the springs push the levers with brushes to the windshield.

Wiper blades

Wiper blades are a metal frame with attached rubber band on it. Replacement of brushes can be carried out separately.

Traction wiper

Rods connect the wiper motor and the wiper arms consist of two connecting rods and two units of a turning point. The main function is to convert rotary motion of the motor shaft into translational motion of the brushes. Failure of any element, it is necessary to replace the wiper assembly.

Wiper Motor

Wiper Motor - two-speed, DC. The engine and the bracket can be replaced separately from the wiper.

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Replacement of lamps of internal section of the rear combination lamp
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Windshield washer hose

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