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Volkswagen Touareg (from 2003 to 2006 year)

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Volkswagen Touareg
Operation and maintenance of car
Keys and locks, power windows
Controls and monitoring devices
Controls on the multifunction steering wheel
Control Devices
Black and white display in the dashboard
Color display in the dashboard
Warning and informational messages on the display
Signal and control lamps
Office exterior lighting
Emergency alarm
Gearshift paddles headlamps and indicators
Hatch fuel filler
Opening the hood of the engine compartment
Facilitation landing in the car
Heated front seats
Front center armrest with a compartment for small items
Central armrest with two drawers for small items
Rear center armrest
Rear center console
Ashtrays and cigarette lighter
The luggage compartment
Roof rack
Control Panel CD-receiver
Office microclimate
Security Systems
Maintenance and control of the car
Steering mechanism
On-board electrical
Plans electrical

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Warning and informational messages on the display

Warning and informational messages
When a fault in the car on display will be the appropriate icon with the warning or information messages.
When you turn on the ignition or during the movement monitored a number of functions, systems and devices of the car. Failures in components and systems are shown on the display of red or yellow icons and additionally accompanied by text messaging and audible signal.

Information messages
Along with warning messages about failures to display information messages about certain processes or calling for specific action.

Warnings of paramount importance (red)
For serious serviceability flashing lights or sound icon and three warning signals. Pictograms red signal danger. It should stop and turn off the engine. Necessary inspection and repairs. Need qualified help.
If there are multiple failures of paramount importance, the icons appear one after another every two seconds. The icons are flashing to fix the problem.
When the display warning of paramount importance, no menu on the display are not displayed.

Icon flashes when too low brake fluid level in the tank or a malfunction in the brake system.
When the icon starts to shine (in addition sound three warning signals), stop the car.
With the appropriate message, check the level of brake fluid.
When failure of the ABS indicator lamp lights up, along with ABS braking system icon.

If the icon of the braking system does not go out or appearing during the motion, it means that either the level of brake fluid in the tank is too small, or there is a malfunction in the brake system. Stop and go no further move. Need care.
If you see a warning icon braking system and simultaneously illuminates the ABS indicator lamp, it is possible that in the ABS observed failures. This rear-wheel braking may be relatively early blocked. Under certain circumstances this can lead to a skidding car. Carefully follow the nearest repair shop to fix the problem.

Level / coolant temperature
Icon appears, or with too low or too high temperature coolant.
When a failure:
- Icon in a few seconds after the ignition is not extinguished;
- Icon while moving or flashing lights. It sounded three warning signal.
It is possible that the coolant level is too low or the coolant temperature is too high.
The level of coolant is too low.
If the level is normal, possible malfunction of the fan. Check the fuse of the fan and replace it if necessary.
If after a short run indicator lamp lights up again, to continue the movement can not and should turn off the engine.
Contact the service company Volkswagen, or a specialized workshop.

If due to a malfunction can not go further down, put the car at a safe distance from traffic, turn off the engine and turn on hazard warning lights.
Never open the hood of the engine compartment when you see that comes out of the engine compartment steam or cooling liquid flows. Wait no longer go or steam leak coolant.

Engine oil pressure
Icon indicates low oil pressure in the engine.
If flashing warning icon, although the level of engine oil is normal, the movement can not continue. The engine should not work well at idle. Need care.

Icon of the oil pressure in any case is not the oil level. So regularly, preferably at each refueling, check the oil level in the engine.

Warnings of secondary importance (yellow)
If you are not so significant violations in the car now have the appropriate icon and sounds a warning signal. At the first opportunity to make the necessary checks.
If there are several faults of secondary importance, the icons appear one after another every two seconds. After some time the message disappears, and at the edge of the screen is an icon as a reminder of the need to check.
Preduprezhdeniyavtorostepennoy importance appear only when there is no warning of paramount importance.

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