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Kia Magentis / Optima (2000 release)

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Kia Magentis
Lubrication System
Cooling system
The control and toxicity
Fuel system
Ignition system
Power shafts, axles
The air conditioning system
Electrical equipment
Technical data
Charging System
Checking the voltage drop across the wire connecting the battery to the generator (engine V6)
Check of the current generated by the generator
Check voltage release
Checking the voltage drop across the wire connecting the battery to the generator (the engine 2,0)
Check of the current generated by the generator (engine 2,0)
Checking the generated voltage (2.0 liter engine)
Accumulator battery
Inspection of battery
Starting system
Removing and installing starter
Installing Transceiver
Removal and installation of remote control
Removal and installation of the audio unit
Multifunction switch
Circuit breakers
Device combination
Switch position of the parking brake
Rear Defrost
Wipers and windshield washer
Airbags (SRS)
Warning Labels
Airbag and a spiral wire
The front passenger airbag
Troubleshooting charging system
Troubleshooting engine starting system
Electrical diagrams

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Starting system

Start system includes the battery, a starter, the traction relay, ignition switch, locking switch (only on cars with automatic gearbox) and wires.

The starter is activated by pulling the starter relay coil current begins to flow from the battery, the relay anchor is pulled and the relay contacts are closed. Simultaneously the relay anchor through the lever moves the overrunning clutch with the gear. The freewheel hub rotates helical splined shaft together with the starter pinion, which facilitates its entry into engagement with the flywheel. Through the closed contact magnetic switch is current feeding the stator winding and the armature, the armature and the starter starts to rotate along with the hub, and the overrunning clutch.

Once the engine starts, the rotational speed gear exceeds the speed of the armature starter freewheel rotates freely and no torque is transmitted from the flywheel to the starter shaft. After releasing the ignition feed circuit winding traction relay opens, the anchor of the traction relay is wrung out by a spring in its original position, the relay opens and the drive gear is disengaged from the flywheel.

Switch the ignition lock

Check that the height of the installation, free lift and the gap with the head of a pin and a hole for the pin clutch pedal are within normal limits.

Check the starter relay

Remove the starter relay and check for continuity between the terminals. If the conductivity does not correspond demanded, replace the relay.

Check the ignition switch lock

Check for continuity between the terminals switch the ignition lock.

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