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Kia Magentis / Optima (2000 release)

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Kia Magentis
Lubrication System
Cooling system
The control and toxicity
Fuel system
Ignition system
Power shafts, axles
The air conditioning system
Electrical equipment
Technical data
Charging System
Checking the voltage drop across the wire connecting the battery to the generator (engine V6)
Check of the current generated by the generator
Check voltage release
Checking the voltage drop across the wire connecting the battery to the generator (the engine 2,0)
Check of the current generated by the generator (engine 2,0)
Checking the generated voltage (2.0 liter engine)
Accumulator battery
Inspection of battery
Starting system
Removing and installing starter
Installing Transceiver
Removal and installation of remote control
Removal and installation of the audio unit
Multifunction switch
Circuit breakers
Device combination
Switch position of the parking brake
Rear Defrost
Wipers and windshield washer
Airbags (SRS)
Warning Labels
Airbag and a spiral wire
The front passenger airbag
Troubleshooting charging system
Troubleshooting engine starting system
Electrical diagrams

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Circuit breakers

Fuses serve to break the circuit when the current reaches a certain value, in order to protect components and wires, which could be damaged too much current. The sharp increase of the current is typically caused by a malfunction in the circuit, often short-circuited.

Legend circuits protected by fuses given in the fuse box cover.

Before removing the fuse, turn off the appropriate circuit (or lighting), and then remove the fuse from the contacts. Inside the fuse wire should be visible; If the fuse is blown, a wire is broken or melted.

Always use fuses of the required power. Never use another power fuse and replace it with something else.

Do not replace the fuse more than once, do not eliminate the source of the fault. The current protected fuse is indicated on top of the guard: Please note that the fuses have different colors for easy identification.

If the fuse blows immediately after replacement, do not replace it again until you install or remove the cause of the fault. In most cases, the cause of the fault is a short circuit, caused by poor insulation. If the safety lock protects some chains, try to look for the chain, which caused the fuse blows, including each of the circuits on the line (if possible). Always have a car kit of spare fuses of various capacities. They should be fixed at the bottom of the fuse box.

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