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Nissan Primera (from 1990 to 1992, the year of issue)

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Nissan Primera
Routine maintenance and servicing
The routine maintenance schedule
Current Care
General information on setting up
Check of levels of liquids
Checking the status of the tire and the pressure therein
Replacing the motor oil and oil filter
Check the fluid level of steering hydrostrengthening
Checking automatic transmission fluid
The rotation of the wheels
Check and replacement of hoses of the engine compartment
Check the status, tension adjustment and replacement of belts
Check and adjust the idle speed of the engine and the level of CO
Checking the status of the battery, care it and gymnastics
Check and replacement of spark plugs
Check and replacement candle explosive wires, distributor cap and slider
Checking the oil level in manual gearbox
Check and adjustment of backlashes of valves
Checking and lubricating the throttle actuator rod
Replacing the air filter
Check the fuel system
Check the functioning of the cooling system
Checking the exhaust system
Checking the suspension components and steering
Check condition of protective covers of power shafts
Check the brake system
Check and replace wiper blades
Transmission Fluid Replacement
Drain, rinse and refill the cooling system
Replacement of the fuel filter
Changing gear oil manual transmission
Cooling and heating
The power supply system and exhaust
Electrical system motor
Manual transmission, differential and the main transfer
Automatic Transmission
Coupling and power shafts
Suspension and steering
Onboard electric

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Check and replace wiper blades

Every year or every 20,000 km

In the wiper blade over time accumulates the road film, reducing the effectiveness of their work, therefore the brush should be cleaned regularly in a soft cleaning solution.


Build wipers with brushes should be regularly inspected. If the inspection revealed the presence of hardenings or cracks on rubber of brushes, replace brushes. If the inspection is not revealed anything unusual, wet a windscreen, include screen wipers, allow them to work a little, and turn them off. Uneven trace of the brush on the glass or on a clean glass indicate that the brush should be replaced.

During the wiper mechanism can weaken the mounting nuts, so they should be checked and if necessary tightened each time you check the brushes (see chap. Onboard electric equipment for more information on the mechanism of screen wipers).

Replacing the wiper blades


  1. Pull the wiper assembly with a brush from the glass.
  2. Push the fixing tab inwards and remove the brush assembly with the wiper arm.
  1. Push into the retaining tab, then pull the wiper blade assembly down and out with a hook on the end of the wiper arm.
  1. If you want to replace only the rubber of brushes, disconnect the end of the brush from the brush frame, then pull the brush out of the frame.
  1. Disconnect the end of the wiper element from the end of the frame, and then remove the element.
  1. Compare the new brush with the old along the length, structure and so on. D.
  2. Install new brush into place, and then insert the end into the frame of the brush to secure it.
  3. Set the brush assembly on the lever, then moisten the glass and check the windshield wiper.

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