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Jeep Grand Cherokee (from 1993 to 1999, the year of issue)

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Jeep Grand Cherokee
Grand Cherokee
Adjustment and routine maintenance
The straight six-cylinder engine
The V8 engine
Procedure of the general and engine major repairs
Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
The power supply system and exhaust
The system of electric motor
Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
Manual box of a gear change
Automatic Transmission
Transfer Case
Clutch and transmission line
general information
Clutch - a general description and check of serviceability of functioning
Removal and installation of components of the hydraulic clutch system
Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of the clutch
Removal, check of a condition and installation of the clutch release bearing
Check and replacement of the directing bearing
Cardan shafts, differentials and bridges - general information
Checking the status of the transmission line
Removing and installing drive shafts
Replacing the universal joints
Replacing the oil seal differential pinion shaft
Removal, service and installation of the hub and bearings (front wheel)
Removal, major repairs and installation of the front drive shaft
Removal and installation of the front axle assembly
Removing and installing the rear axis and bearing assembly
Removing and installing rear axle assembly
Suspension and steering
The system of on-board electrical equipment
Controls and operation receptions

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Check and replacement of the directing bearing

Guide clutch bearing is a roller bearing type, which is pressed to the back pin of the crankshaft. The main objective is to ensure that the bearing supports of the front end of the primary shaft of the gearbox. Checking the pilot bearing must be carried out every time when removing components from the engine clutch. Because of difficulty of access in the case of lack of confidence in the determination of the bearing condition, replace it without hesitation.

If the engine is removed from the vehicle, the excess should be deleted from the following procedures.


  1. Remove Manual transmission (Chapter Manual box of a gear change).
  2. Remove the clutch components (Section Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of the clutch).
  3. Check the guide bearing for signs of excessive wear, deep scratches, burrs, grease loss and other damages. In case of any of the above defects, the bearing should be replaced. When viewed from the bearing would be useful flashlight.
  4. Removing the bearing is possible using a special stripper, but no less effective is the use of an alternative method.
  5. Podyschu solid steel rod diameter slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing. Instead, you can use a rod or a wooden block with a replaceable head inserted into it to fill the cavity bolt.
  6. The rod must be included in the bearing tightly enough.
  7. Tamp the bearing and the space behind it (the cavity in the end of the crankshaft) with grease. Make packing as tightly as possible, driving as much as possible from the cavity more air.
  8. Insert the rod into the bearing housing, the bearing and the rod cover with a cloth and start hitting hard enough on the rod with a hammer. This will begin to displace the grease (hydraulic impact force) bearing from the shaft. Remove the bearing and remove all traces of grease from the recess in the shaft journal.
  1. Tamp recess behind the bearing grease inside the bearing and inserting the rod corresponding diameter (tight), start banging on the rod, creating a water hammer, displacing trunnion bearing of the crankshaft.
  1. To install a new bearing tamp its inner surface and an outer surface lightly grease with grease on lithium base (bearing grease), then fill the bearing in a recess in the end of the crankshaft by means of centering a tool or instrument for refilling plugs. O-ring must be facing outward, and the bearing stand in exactly perpendicular to the nest.
  1. The structure of the guide bearing part of the O-ring, which can not be replaced individually. In case of signs of leaks or dry bearing, replace it. Bearing the seal ring must be installed outside.
  1. Zastuchite bearing nest with a tool for planting bushes or a suitably sized replacement of sockets.
  1. Replace the clutch components, Manual transmission and all previously starred items. Properly tighten all fasteners.

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