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Jeep Grand Cherokee (from 1993 to 1999, the year of issue)

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Jeep Grand Cherokee
Grand Cherokee
Adjustment and routine maintenance
The straight six-cylinder engine
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Removing and installing drive shafts
Replacing the universal joints
Replacing the oil seal differential pinion shaft
Removal, service and installation of the hub and bearings (front wheel)
Removal, major repairs and installation of the front drive shaft
Removal and installation of the front axle assembly
Removing and installing the rear axis and bearing assembly
Removing and installing rear axle assembly
Suspension and steering
The system of on-board electrical equipment
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Removal, major repairs and installation of the front drive shaft

This procedure applies only to models of 4WD.

Removing (left or right outer drive shaft)


  1. Remove assemblage of the front hub bearing (Section Removal, service and installation of the hub and bearings (front wheel)). Remove the shield disk brake.
  1. Remove the shield disk brake.
  1. Hold the drive shaft parallel to the axis of the bridge, take it out of the sleeve of the bridge. Be careful not to damage the shaft seal disposed on the inner end of the sleeve where its shaft equipped with end slots included in the differential.
  1. After removal of the hub assembly of the drive shaft can be removed from the sleeve of the bridge, trying to keep it aligned to the latter.


Odnosharnirny gimbal assembly


  1. Follow the instructions Replacing the universal joints, but note that the retaining rings are mounted inside the ears of the cross and drowned in the groove bearing caps. Rings are extracted by poddevaniya screwdriver.
The components of the universal joint assembly of the front drive shaft.
  1. Push the retaining rings from the grooves in the bearings of the universal joint with a small screwdriver.

Constant velocity joints (CV)

Components SHRUS double compensation (CV-joint)

The outer CV-Joint front drive shaft can not be repaired - in the case of wear or damage replacing the entire assembly. However, the hinge can and must be dismantled, cleaned and packed with fresh grease in the case of damage to the protective sheath.


  1. Cut the two shroud mounting a protective cover of the hinge, remove and discard them. Slide the cover back on the shaft.
  2. Clamp drive shaft in a vise. Between the jaws and the shaft to prevent damage to the latter should be laid rags. Using a hammer and mounted on the inner ring of brass punch knock out the hinge shaft.
  1. Beat assembly CV-joint from the drive shaft with a hammer and brass drift (not to drop the assembly!).
  1. Remove the drive shaft from the grip. Squeeze in a vise assembly hinge (pin down). Again, take care of the protection of the surface of the pins from damage jaws. Tap the inner race brass knockout by tilting it enough to allow the extraction of the ball bearing. Repeat until all the balls will not be extracted. To remove the separator "become attached" balls, use a screwdriver.
  1. Tilt the inner ring, providing the ability to extract the first ball - use brass knockout.
  1. If necessary, remove the "become attached" balls with a screwdriver.
  1. After removing all the balls tilt the assembly of the inner ring with cage by 90 ?, achieve combination of windows with protruding separator pads outer ring (housing hinge) and remove the assembly from the outer ring.
  1. Tilt the assembly of the inner ring with cage by 90 ?, and then achieve combination of windows separator pads on the inner walls of the yoke, turn and remove the assembly from the chassis.
  1. Pass one of the protrusions in the inner ring and the cage window, turning, remove the clip from the separator.
  1. Pass one of the protrusions in the inner ring of the separator box, then rotate the clip out of its cage.
  1. Wash all the components in a solvent and dry them with compressed air (if you have access to the source itself). Check the separator and the holder of the presence of cavities, scratches, cracks and other signs of damage and wear. Availability zapolirovat polished portions is acceptable and does not affect operation of CV-joint.
  1. Check projections and recesses the inner ring of the hinge on presence of cavities and scratches.
  1. Inspect for cracks, cavities and scratches separator (presence zapolirovat places is acceptable and has no negative impact on the work of CV-joint).
  1. Insert the inner ring into the cage, acting in the reverse order described in p.
  2. Set the separator assembly with the inner race in the outer ring of the hinge (proceed in the reverse order proposed in n. The separator must be installed in the side hinge housing outwardly smaller diameter, and the inner ring retaining groove should be facing the interior of the hinge.
  3. Insert the balls in the window of the separator.
  1. Having overlapping windows separator with grooves for installation of balls in the inner and outer race, tilt the separator with the inner race, alternately inserting them balls.
  1. Tamp assembly CV-joint grease, squeezing her inner equipped with slots opening half came with the content for remnaboru (CV-joints and covers) capacity. Crush the grease in the bearing, tucking a piece of wood in the hole equipped with slots and enter it fully into the bottom hinge. Repeat the procedure, ensuring high-quality printing of the hinge (second half of the contents of the container to leave the pack in the cover of the hinge).
  1. Tamp hinge equipped with grease through the hole in the inner spline cage; crushing the grease in the joint with the help of a piece of wood corresponds to the diameter, by entering the last all the way to the bottom hinge.
  1. Wrap equipped splines of the drive shaft with electrical tape to prevent damage to the protective cover of the hinge. Install the smaller diameter mounting a cover band into the groove on the smaller diameter side of the cover, and then pull the cover on the drive shaft. Remove the masking tape and extrude the residue attached to remnaboru lubricant cover.
  2. Replace the shaft removable lock and remote rings.
  3. Put on CV-hinge shaft so that the inner race has entered into contact with the inner retaining ring.
  4. Set in a groove on the cover mounting band of larger diameter and pull cover on the outer ring (body) of the hinge.
  5. Tighten the cable ties.


Install in reverse order. If you shoot a two-stage intermediate shaft drive shaft, replace the differential cover new gasket and fill in the required grades of oil differential (Head of Adjustment and routine maintenance).

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