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Jeep Grand Cherokee (from 1993 to 1999, the year of issue)

general info. full specifications. diagnostics. hints. tips. tricks
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Grand Cherokee
Adjustment and routine maintenance
The straight six-cylinder engine
The V8 engine
Procedure of the general and engine major repairs
Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
The power supply system and exhaust
The system of electric motor
Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
Manual box of a gear change
Automatic Transmission
Transfer Case
Clutch and transmission line
general information
Clutch - a general description and check of serviceability of functioning
Removal and installation of components of the hydraulic clutch system
Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of the clutch
Removal, check of a condition and installation of the clutch release bearing
Check and replacement of the directing bearing
Cardan shafts, differentials and bridges - general information
Checking the status of the transmission line
Removing and installing drive shafts
Replacing the universal joints
Replacing the oil seal differential pinion shaft
Removal, service and installation of the hub and bearings (front wheel)
Removal, major repairs and installation of the front drive shaft
Removal and installation of the front axle assembly
Removing and installing the rear axis and bearing assembly
Removing and installing rear axle assembly
Suspension and steering
The system of on-board electrical equipment
Controls and operation receptions

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Replacing the universal joints

To perform this procedure requires a large press or vise. It would be wise to send a shaft into a workshop where universal joint may be replaced by a relatively small fee.

Remove the propeller shaft (see. Section Removing and installing drive shafts).

Odnosharnirny gimbal assembly


  1. Using small pliers, remove the retaining rings with crosses.
  1. While supporting the propeller shaft, place it in a screw press, or in a vise mounted on a sturdy workbench.
  2. Abut wherein a cover of a bearing or a greater length of pipe replacement head end of the same inner diameter as the cap. On the opposite side of the crown diameter slightly smaller than the cover. For the displacement of the lid, squeeze or press vise (cap falls into the heads of larger diameter. Stop compress vise (press) just before the lid finally come out of the cross. For the final extraction of the lid, use large tongs.
  1. To drive out of the holder of the universal joint cross cardan shaft, clamp holder in a vise, paving between the bearing caps and sponges last two interchangeable heads (one, an internal diameter greater than the diameter of the cap and the other - the outer diameter less than the diameter of the cover); squeezing the vise under the head of smaller diameter will push the lid into its holder displacing opposite to the head of larger diameter).
  1. Change the head sometimes, and similarly give squeeze the cover opposite the bearing.
  2. Type in the new bearings lubricated universal joint. Usually remnaboru to maintain universal joints applied instruction on their lubrication - try to stick to it.
  3. Install the crossbar in the holder, and partially thread the cover of one of his bearings. If installed cross equipped lube fitting, make sure to it that he was turned in the right direction (for propeller shaft).
  4. Fill the crossbar inside the bearing cap, and then enter the second part of the cover. Align crossbar and press-fit bearing caps into place in the holder, taking care not to damage the anthers.
  5. Install retaining ring. If you experience trouble setting rings, hard-knock hammer holder to cross the shaft. This holder tabs shrink slightly, providing the possibility of landing rings in their grooves.
  1. If the snap ring does not sit in its groove cross Tap the holder of a hammer - it would weaken the internal stress and slightly compress the lugs of the holder (the same procedure should be made if, after the assembly rotates too tight).
  1. Install the grease fitting and tamp joint lubricant. Do not enter into the hinge too much grease, because it is fraught with squeezing cuff.
  2. Replace the propeller shaft. Tighten the flange bolts with demanded effort.

Double-joint cardan nodes

Use the above procedure, but considering that it should be repeated for the second hinge assembly.

Replacing the double-hinged propeller assembly made in gathering - should not be trying to replace only half of the assembly is worn even if only one of its crossings.

Constant velocity joints (CV-Joints) (model 1995 Vol., Equipped with a propeller shaft third type)

CV-joints driveshafts third type can not be replaced individually. In the event of damage to the joint or protective cover must replace the entire assembly of the propeller shaft (Section Checking the status of the transmission line). Pay attention to the need for measurement (and, if necessary, adjust) new shaft before you can proceed with the operation of the vehicle (see. Also section Checking the status of the transmission line).

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