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Kia Rio (2000 release)

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Kia Rio
Engines A3E, A5D
Greasing system
Fuel system
Ignition system
Axes and power shafts
Wheels and tires
Technical data
Check the brake servo using devices
One-way vacuum valve
Vacuum brake booster
Bleeding the hydraulic system of a drive of brakes
Check of brake tubes
Check and replacement of brake hoses
Brake pedal
Replacing the front brake pads
Replacing brake pads on the rear drum brakes
Repair the brake caliper
Repair of the working brake cylinder
The main brake cylinder
The pressure
Parking brake
ABS control unit
Hydraulic control unit (HCU)
The front wheel speed sensor
Rear wheel speed sensor
A gear rotor of the wheel speed sensor
Main inspection
Checking functionality
The air conditioning system
Electrical equipment

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The braking system on the car without ABS

1 - pipe line of high pressure braking system;
2 - the brake pedal;
3 - the master cylinder;
4 - the vacuum brake booster;
5 - front disc brakes;
6 - a support;
7 - Rear drum brakes;
8 - the working brake cylinder;
9 - popolnitelny tank;
10 - hydraulic control unit;
11 - the parking brake cable;
12 - the parking brake lever.

For vehicles used by the service braking system with hydraulic drive.

The system operates as follows:

- The brake pedal is connected to the master cylinder;
- When the pedal is depressed, the pressurized fluid from the master cylinder by the metal tube and the flexible hose is transmitted to the front and rear brakes;
- The wheel cylinders are hydraulic modulators that convert the fluid pressure generated in the master cylinder to the brake moving element;
- Front and rear brake caliper pistons and move due to friction on the brake discs and drums provide the required vehicle deceleration;
- When you release the brake pedal pressure in the system decreases.

Brake pads and the pistons return to a neutral or home position and deceleration stops.

By reducing the brake fluid level sensor liquid level in the master cylinder includes a warning lamp in the instrument cluster. If the warning lamp lights up, first check that the parking brake is released, as the lamp is indicating a reduced level of the liquid and apply the parking brake.

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Technical data

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